Tuesday, 16 August 2011

sail her, don't sink her this time

vest - Zara
scarf - Primark
jeans - Primark
shoes - Primark

Holiday shopping yesterday went surprisingly well. It usually takes place the day before the holiday being the incredibly disorganised family we are. This year however, it was done THREE days before we actually venture out of the British Isles so it was a hell of a lot more casual. I managed to have a swift look around Primark (although I am trying to ration my time in there) and managed to pick up this scarf and jeans (which had been reduced to £4!)
Anyway, even if we did spend 5 hours ambling around shops yesterday, there is never enough time to get everything, so I am hoping tomorrow will be spent doing much the same. Toshop certainly hasn't seen my face in a while and we simply can't have that.


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