Friday, 9 December 2011

colour block tango

everything - Primark because I have no money

Pretty simple outfit for today, but I love the colour of this cardigan (which my terrible camera does no justice for) as well as the necklace. Primark is so excellent for jewellery especially when you're short on funds. Yesterday was parents evening, well, for sixth formers it's called ""consultation evening"" which went better than was anticipated. Today I think I'm being summoned to go Christmas tree shopping and if yesterdays weather is anything to go by the scarves and gloves shall be on. As chilly as it does get, I really enjoy the build up to Christmas, the evening shopping trips and the mindless talent shows and festive films on the television. Speaking of which my all time favourite film is on tomorrow (Elf) the script of which I can pretty much recite without error. I hope everyone else's Christmas plans are going well and plenty of premature mince pie and chocolate consuming is being done!


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