Friday, 23 December 2011

happy unbirthday to me!

18 at last, wow, and I feel no different whatsoever. Well, at least now I can vote and maybe sneak a sherry or two. I've received excellent presents coming in the forms of books of historical tweets, pretty scarves, alcohol, vouchers, a new fangled phone and money. Which I shall no doubt be spending on some lovely new clothes. 
Anyway, France was exquisite.


The boy who's a friend and his family were kind enough to let me stay with them there for a few days. On my last day they made me a fabulous breakfast with bucks fizz and pancakes, fig 1&2. Image 3 is the result of cheap fire lanterns as featured in the final picture. France was nearly set to go up in flames.
Apologies for the very self related post, I'll be back on track with the clothing posts soon enough!
Hope everyone is excited as I am for Christmas and all the shopping is hopefully done (unlike mine!)


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