Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sing me to sleep

shirt - ebay
bag, jumper & jeans - Primark
wedges - Tesco

(^The origin of my clothes clearly dictate I'm a student :')

Apologies for my recent lack of posts, this week has been plagued with work, alongside the lighting not being particularly good for taking outfit photos.The weather is a tricky thing to work out at the moment, I am never sure whether a jumper alone is too little but then with a coat it's too much? Ah well, I shall live and learn.
Yesterday was spent at an open day in Manchester for an intensive three-month graphic design course. The reason I am put off by the concept of university is the fact that the timetable is so disjointed, with days probably being spent eating jaffa cakes in my room rather than studying. This would however, have a rigourous routine which I am in such desperate need of in order for me to actually work (plus it looks amazing).
Well, I guess I've got a bit of time to make some potentially life changing decisions. Yep, plenty..

I also highly reccommend a look at snailmailmyemail. Basically, it was a project launched last year for volunteers to hand write and mail out people's emails, in order to encourage the art of physically sending letters. I volunteered, and thoroughly enjoyed writing and illustrating lovely messages for people (you can see the photos here!) Anyway, it's running for a week (Nov. 12 - 18) to celebrate the launch of a book, so if you would like a stranger to hand write a letter to a friend or family member, get typing!

Anyway, please forgive me for typing out my life story and have just a little Tumblr inspiration to finish with:



  1. your outfit is lovely! the necklace is so cute and finishes the outfit so well! x x

  2. You are so, so pretty!

  3. Lovely outfit , I always love the tumblr inspiration bit at the end !

    Beautiful Dreams

  4. Great look, dear! I love it.

    <3 Melissa


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