Friday, 28 December 2012

I need you more than I can take

jumper - charity shop
jeans & bag - Primark
boots - ebay

I do hope everyone had as lovely a Christmas as mine was, apologies for my appalling lack of posts! Crazily, I've actually had things on e.g. my boyfriend staying up here, then going out on the 22nd with uni people which pleasingly overlapped onto my birthday meaning some wonderfully free champagne and then Christmas of course.
Filled with far too many presents that I don't deserve in the slightest.
This jumper however was a charity shop find, also perhaps a little crazy in that a flock of sheep are strolling across it, but still rather cosy.

Here's a little inspiration before I go and spend all of my money in the sales on purchases I really don't need:



Monday, 10 December 2012

fairytale of new york

practically everything - Primark
I'm wearing this scarf far too much, but I feel it makes every outfit I have festive, and I guess I need to make some form of effort. It's a shame the same can't be said for the study room that our little clique of year 14's congregate in. Compared to the common rooms mighty christmas-tree-fairy-lit-paper-chained-grotto our 30cm tinsel tree is somewhat overshadowed. Minimalist would be an understatement, but there we are.

We are blessed with a minature starbucks in sixth form and everyone seems to be drinking ~chai tea lattes~ at the moment, can anyone inform me of what they're actually like before I spend an extra 20p more than my usual?

Anyway, some pretty pictures if you're still stuck as to what to add to your Christmas (yay Christmas! Did anyone else see Elf the other day?) list


Thursday, 6 December 2012

we were lovers, now we can't be friends

jeans - Primark
wedges - Tesco
bag - vintage

Today was one of those days where I thought that perhaps walking to school would be a nice idea, the morning was bright yet with a slight chill in the air. 'Slight' being optimistic as adjectives go. Needless to say I certainly wore a few more layers than pictured.
The tee is another lovely gifted item from the wonderful guys at KillerCondo who never fail to disappoint. They have lots of lovely new things and an offer of buying 3 tees for $65 so I highly recommend a peek.

I am also still desperately searching for Christmas presents (paypal is simultaneously the best and worst thing ever) and do not know what to get the boy who is a friend. Ideas would be much appreciated :)

I know for many people, (and hopefully myself finally) this year marks the end of school/college and a final leavers prom. I've been to two, and although having been invited to attend this years, thought it to be far too terrible and depressing (and the drinks were about £4 each). However, I was recently linked to a rather lovely prom dress site, and felt perhaps some of you might appreciate a little ~promspiration~ (I also just want an excuse to look at pretty dresses)
The site is Prom Dresses Uk and here are some of my personal favourites:

I apologise for my posts posessing a constant structure, but I tend to dislike change, do let me know if I'm verging on dull territory ;)

Unsurprisingly, a little inpiration c/o Tumblr and weheartit:

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