Friday, 22 February 2013

my heart will never feel

sweater - KillerCondo
jeans -H&M
wedges - Tesco
necklace - Topshop

Do you ever feel like you want to just empty the contents of your wardrobe and start again? The trouble I have is trying to create a simple range of interchangeable outfits in some sort of capsule system but then seeing something I really like and thinking 'what the hell, I'll buy it anyway' and the whole plan falling to pieces. See the title of my blog for further details, aha.

Anyway, I went shopping yesterday and managed to purchase some simple tees from H&M and Primark as well as pair of wax-effect black jeans reduced to £5 which I am still unsure of, but for £5, I could hardly refuse. 
The remainder of the Zara sale continues to haunt me as I had a quick scout around yesterday, why is everything in there so pretty? Usually when it gets to this point of a sale, the quality of the content depletes, but alas, not for Zara.

Also feel the need to post a picture of the pretty bracelet my wonderful friend bought for me, I shall take care in not losing this one!

I was also wondering if anyone had seen these rings in silver in their local H&M? I saw them in silver in Cheshire Oaks and didn't buy them and am now unable to find them anywhere, with them only being in gold on the website. If you see them and fancy purchasing them for me I would be eternally greatful! (I will of course repay you along with sending something else for your kindness:)
(email me at!)

Anyway, I feel some inspiration is needed before I decide to ebay all of my clothes c/o tumblr and weheartit:


Saturday, 16 February 2013

a broken heart is blind

blazer and necklace - Primark
top - TK Maxx
jeans - H&M
wedges - Dorothy Perkins
scarf - M&S

Summary of life at the moment:
  • Trip to London to look around Queen Mary University which was fun
  • 3 hour train journey was not so fun (£9.90 return - can't complain)
  • Had my nails ~professionally~ done on Valentine's in an incredibly seasonal sparkly black
  • Saw Wreck-it Ralph yesterday which was A+ but you can't really go wrong with Disney
  • It's half term yay, goodbye any remaining savings I have lurking at the bottom of my purse

    Also, go and check out Kukee, a little gem of an online store stocking pretty and reasonably priced jewellery :)

inspiration c/o Tumblr and weheartit:

My current favourite blog is
who has such an effortless flawless style that I shall forever try to emulate..


Thursday, 7 February 2013

white noise

basically everything - Primark
wedges - Tesco

I seem to be stuck in a cycle of wearing jeans and t shirts but they are just so versatile and easy to wear. Desperately in need of a massive shopping trip to vary my wardrobe, I get bored of clothes far too easily but then refuse to get rid of anything in case I suddenly want to wear it again..

Despite only having two ~proper~ subjects, there seems to be a never ending stream of essays which I manage to complete in my horrendously unbalanced timetable. This leaves my weekend free to watch my money disappear on prosecco and pizza however, which although probably isn't that great in regards to my limited finances, proves enjoyable :)

In other news, I found this rather beautiful clothing site, having seen this image on tumblr, I was lusting after the source.

Turns out it's Brandy Melville Clothing, the stock of which, I want to purchase most of:

Definitely worth a look!

So now time for more pretty pictures from tumblr & weheartit: 

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