Sunday, 26 May 2013

if I stay here trouble will find me

top & jeans - Primark
scarf - New Look
shoes - Dorothy Perkins
necklace - ebay

I apologise for the recent hideous quality of my photos, my phone seems to hate me and the once pretty reasonable camera quality has deteriorated somewhat </3

In other news, I have finished school/sixth form (hopefully) forever! Received kind words, cards and some sugary things from class mates and teachers which is always appreciated.
I however, can't help contemplating what I could buy with three years of university funds.. mainly clothing related..
Should probably focus on the ~long term goals~ but all that debt is not looking appealing at this present moment in time.

On a cheerier note, I hope everyone is well and not collapsing too much under the weight of revision.

summery inspiration c/o tumblr


Saturday, 18 May 2013

Gatsby? What Gatsby?

dress - M&S
headdress & gloves - ebay
shoes - Primark

A) I apologise profusely for jumping on the Gatsby bandwagon.
B) I apologise in equal proportion for not posting in seemingly years! Revision has loomed, and continues to do so, but I have a little more time before my next exam.

I saw Gatsby last night with my mother. Maybe having read the book and adoring the soundtrack allowed me to enjoy it to a greater degree than she did (falling asleep in the first half hour). With Mr Luhrmann directing you are expecting slight extravagance and so whilst providing decadent party scenes, I enjoyed it's ability to remain at a reasonable closeness with the book. Oh and the clothes were very pretty.

In other news, I have finally decided on my firm and insurance university places (3/4 of an hour before the deadline, I kid you not.) If you are in a similar position do inform me of where you're going!

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