Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Out of the wilderness

Spent a wonderful weekend at the beautiful Wilderness festival in Oxfordshire, having been kindly invited by my boyfriend. In a nutshell, we were lucky enough to see Tom Odell, Jon Newman, Noah and the Whale, Empire of the Sun and plenty of other summery bands, eat far too much delicious food and be surrounded by people covered in glitter. Definitely recommend and hope to show my face again next year. 

I also cannot describe the amount of amazingly dressed people I was surrounded by thankfully captured by Vogue street style, which I highly encourage you to have a scroll through.

In other less exciting news, I have been hunting for a reasonably priced orange toned red lipstick. When I say hunting I mean casually browsing if I happen to walk down the makeup aisle at the supermarket. However, my search reached it's conclusion when frantically holiday shopping yesterday with my mother in Asda. 
It is arguable lipsticks are something to invest in and therefore spend more money on, although in this case, the £3.50 price tag provided the initial temptation. It requires a few coats, but this particular shade (Liar) provides decent coverage and I found lasted quite a while. 

Summer is also the perfect time for new fragrances and I especially like this fresh and summery scent of Angel Schlesser Esprit De Gingembre perfume for Women. I find decanting a small amount of your favourite perfume into a spritz bottle and keeping in your bag when adventuring elsewhere saves you from transporting a huge glass bottle about in your bag.

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