Monday, 25 January 2016

The less I know the better

blazer - H&M
crop - Primark
trousers - vintage
heels - Allsaints
necklace - Front Row Shop

Exams and assessments done for the semester. Naturally, I headed straight to Liverpool one having barely put down my pen - a haul of the things I picked up will feature in due course.
For the time being drinks and catching up on several series is on the agenda - in perhaps the most boardroom appropriate going out ensemble I have put together. Despite appearances, I am not actually moonlighting at a corporate recruitment agency..

What do you like to wear on an evening out?


Sunday, 10 January 2016

Puss in Boots


boots - Light in the Box
jumper - vintage
hat - Missguided
 I cannot express how long I have wanted some knee high boots. Over the last few months they found themselves upon my lust list and I would constantly inform others about their place in my heart (mainly on nights out asking tipsy girls in toilets where they got theirs.) However, partly being financially stretched and partly fearing looking like Dick Wittington, I was unable to commit.
Thankfully, Light in the Box came to my rescue. When asked to pick two items, and seeing these two beauties, I could obviously not resist.
 Hopefully I can now emulate all of those street style goddesses and instagram divas, regardless of whether I look pantomime worthy.
Would you wear knee high boots?


Monday, 4 January 2016

You don't own me

jumper, jeans & coat - H&M
bag - Primark
boots - ebay

Well, long time no speak. I hope everyone's Christmas and New Year has been as magical as mine, filled with food and my favourite people. 2015 has definitely been one of the best years so far, with so many surprises and things working out so wonderfully, I have high hopes for 2016 (fingers crossed).
I am however feeling a little misdirected at the moment, sparing you of excessive metaphors, I am totally unsure whether to do an MA at university. In all honesty I have never known what I want to do. Or rather, I want to do too many things. Write a book, be an artist, a photographer, graphic designer..
Maybe I'll just try them all and see which fails the least miserably?
Any tips would be highly appreciated :)

What would your dream career be?

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