Tuesday, 31 May 2016

School's out forever

3/3 done.

Cliche I realise, but I've lived in one of the most underrated and amazing cities, met some of my new favourite people and spoken to Angelina Jolie's dad. Can't complain.

(Shia LaBeouf btw.)

I originally chose to study English and Drama in London; arguably the things I'm least poor at, in one of my favourite cities. Results day came and I panicked. I wasn't overly sold on the campus and I was scared about floundering with little to spend. Things just didn't feel right.

So, as we has of course booked to go to France the following day, I spent the six hour drive to Dover using my temperamental 3G to scroll through courses. A single phone call later, the next three years of my life were set. 

And they have definitely been the best three so far.

(Obviously ignoring the fact that I currently have no idea what I want to do whatsoever, but we shall overlook that small detail for now. Another drink please bartender.)

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