Thursday, 30 March 2017

London Calling

coat - Gamiss
top - Primark
skirt - Missguided
boots - Gamiss

I've felt very "businessy" this week, spending Tuesday and Wednesday at a legal exhibition in London; pretty sure using the word "businessy" undermines that facade of professionalism though.
However, it certainly made a nice change from spending 7 hours at a desk, and I felt like I was on the Apprentice so that's always fun.

Have to say I do feel a bit like Del Boy in this coat, but as a big Only Fools fan, that is actually a plus. Fur lined and embellished with buckles, it's certainly been a staple over the past week or so.
A similar staple have these boots been. I've been in need of a solid pair of ankle boots and the gold details just won me over.

Which item would you wear?



Saturday, 25 March 2017

Big for your boots

jumper - Zaful
jeans - Zara
boots - ebay
bag - vintage

Super impressed by how lovely the British weather has been this weekend, but less impressed about the small-minded actions which took place in London earlier this week. At a time where the world seems to be in turmoil, your place within it can seem so small. 

And yet, that makes me more determined to make a difference; to make sure my voice is heard. 

I'm not one for preaching, but I think it's important to not to be afraid of sharing your opinion. It's easy to fall into the trap of talking without acting and it's something I'm trying to move away from.
Saying what I think is important and actually doing something important are very different, and its the latter which I hope to achieve.

Rather than adhering to the divisive rhetoric behind these events (which quickly litters my facebook feed), it's important to take a step back. Acknowledge the strength that unites us and gain a better understanding of  the importance our contribution - however small - brings to the world.

(For someone who doesn't think they're preachy, this sure sounds like a preachy post. Sorry.)



Monday, 20 March 2017

It's really you on my mind

t-shirt - H&M
trousers - Primark
blazer - H&M
boots - New Look
necklaces - Depop

Remember I mentioned hypothetical NYC looks? This one might get to break free from the hypothetical wardrobe in my head.

On Valentine's day I was treated with flights to a week long stay in the city that never sleeps. As well as being beyond excited that I'm going somewhere that I've literally always wanted to go to, I'll get to explore with my favourite person who feels much the same.

I saw this t-shirt in H&M and was instantly drawn to it. It's not often I buy t-shirts from high street stores anymore but I couldn't resist. There's something so nice about pairing casual wear with something more formal and fitted e.g. blazer and graphic t-shirt. Makes me feel like I'm headed somewhere important even if it's really just the post office.

Do you enjoy mixing styles?



Monday, 13 March 2017

Layer up

coat - VIPme
jacket - Zara
jumper - H&M
jeans - Primark
boots - Lightinthebox
bag - Gamiss

Layering is one of my favourite things about putting outfits together. As well as adding warmth, draping another layer over your shoulders can add texture, colour and interest. I never would have thought these pieces would work together so nicely, but the tones and shapes just seem to compliment each other so well.

Sadly my work wardrobe is rather conservative, but this is a major throwback to my university ootds where I'd chuck trench coats over everything from band t shirts and fisherman knits to roll necks and dappled black jackets. Inevitably would end up shedding about three layers mid way through a seminar, emerging from a coat-like cocoon; but that's fashion right?

Below are a few of my current favourite layering looks from Lookbook, which one is your favourite?


Thursday, 9 March 2017

I know the sound of your heart

jumper - Primark
skirt - Stylewe
shoes - Primark
bag - Gamiss

A simple ootd with some old favourites and new ones. 
Although going bare legged is probably not the best idea at the moment, this is the outfit I would very much like to wear. I am so guilty of putting together hypothetical looks for my hypothetical life; this one would be casual brunch on a sunny day in NYC.
Please reassure me that you also do that from time to time..

I saw this jumper on the lovely Olivia  and was instantly infatuated. 
From the neckline to the soft grey tone, I knew I had to find it. And I did - on Depop. However, I was so keen to get it, I ended up purchasing it twice. You know when you're awoken by a buzz on your phone and, half asleep, you end up clicking 'buy' like the consumerist zombie you almost definitely are? 

Anyway, now it's up for sale on my Depop, which you should definitely visit - mainly so I can buy more things I certainly don't need.

Have you used Depop?

P.s. Is the faux bob still a thing?



Friday, 3 March 2017

Somebody else

bodysuit - Boohoo
skirt - StyleWe
bag - Zara
heels - Zara

I'm so feeling that Friday feeling right now. All dressed up and hopefully somewhere to go. Talking of going places, this StyleWe khaki skirt has been an absolute dream. You know those pieces that you think you might wear occasionally but you actually end up living in them? 

The tone has lifted me from my usual black comfort zone, but as a neutral, it goes with the rest of my muted wardrobe; ideal to pair with a plunge bodysuit or a basic white t.  Strong block shades that act as a statement by themselves, much less hassle (and less hand luggage if you're jetting off somewhere nice.)

Would you wear this skirt?


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