Monday, 20 November 2017

Love will keep us together

 sweatshirts - By me, c/o Tunetoo

I'm all about doing things myself. 

Whether that's online shopping, falling asleep on the train or sitting down with a mug of something warm, I've always been content to go it alone.

So when Tunetoo were kind enough to let me design my own pieces, I practically jumped at the chance.

There's something so nice about creating something that's unique to you, especially when you're  overflowing with ideas and are in desperate need of an outlet.

It was most certaintly Tunetoo to the rescue.

What would you write on your sweatshirt?




  1. Such a stunning sassy babe full of cosmic magic gorgeous Georgia! I absolutely adore your designs, just as dreamy and jazzy and unique as I'd expect coming straight from your divine soul. The "I need my space" design is all the badass babin' as is the love will keep us together/love will tear us apart vibe. Looking like a blissful beaut in all your jackets and sweatshirts, and I'm totally with you on going it alone, I always find myself craving space. Definitely can't beat some chilled down-time alone <3

    Can't think of what I'd write on my sweatshirt, probably nothing too original knowing me haha. Forever chasing flamingos? Has lots of pool floats but no pool? Or something equally ridiculous ;) :D

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  2. Such a great outfit on you; these faux leather leggings are so perfect! Can't stop wearing mine this season :)

  3. All these designers are so cute! The "I need my space" is so me lol. You pairing then with the jackets make it look so badass too. Really stunning and I always love your outfits!



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