Thursday, 4 August 2011

not long enough to be a dress but I shall still call it a dress

top/dress- Jack Wills
cardigan - Primark

I know Jack Wills is pretty pricey, and some of the things in there I could buy a replica of in Primark, though at the weekend I went to Manchester. Which, obviously results in me being lured to Jack Wills. The fact there was a sale AND I had a £30 voucher (generous relatives) certainly tempted me further. I managed to get this floral top and a sweatshirt, which if you're familiar with JW pricing, you might find as surprising as I did (two items for under £30 there is pretty impressive.) 
I wear this cardigan to death but the colour just has a wonderful tendancy to compliment most colours as well as it being a light knit, ideal for England's excuse of a summer. 


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