Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Last of Summer Looks

top - Shein
trousers  - Shein
boots - Next

top - Shein
jeans - Zara
boots - Primark
coat - H&M

top - Shein
skirt and boots - Primark
bag - vintage

So I'm currently trying to work out how I feel about the all-over-the-place weather England is currently experiencing. Whilst I'm enjoying the final rays of summer and desperately clinging on to the those longer evenings, is a part of me looking forward to the oversized scarves and chunky rollnecks? If my last trip to Wilkinson's was anything to go by - if you missed that insta story, you missed out - the promise of Halloween is motivation enough to get through the colder months. 

Even though the above looks are not completely 'Autumn-Appropriate' they might instead fall into the category of 'transitional' i.e. the word I use to justify any purchases from August onwards.

What's your favourite look?



Friday, 14 September 2018

How I'd love to go to Paris again

So I thought I'd finally get around to sharing a post about my adventures in France; as something that is an annual staple of both my online and offline calendar, it would surely be rude not to. 

However, rather than try and explain the trip through my (often rambling and highly incoherent) words, I thought I'd share a little visual diary. The reason Paris will always have a place in my heart is just how inspiring and beautiful I find it. Whether it's the sun dappled streets or sharply dressed locals, there's something about the city which captures my imagination and wills me to want to explore.

What's your favourite city?


Thursday, 6 September 2018

Leopard print skirt three ways

boots - Primark
bag - ebay
bag strap - ebay

'top' - Everything5Pounds
blazer & trousers - Primark
shoes and sunglasses - ebay

Practically everything - Primark

If my Instagram is anything to go by, it's clear that I'm firmly on the animal print bandwagon.

Snake, crocodile or leopard, there's something both 'statement' and wonderfully muted about these prints we're still seeing  just about everywhere, making them perfect for pretty much any occasion. 

The above outfits are a little glimpse into my autumnal wardrobe, featuring - unsurprisingly - my newest leopard print purchase. What's even better, it was just £5.

Do you like the animal print trend? What's your favourite look?



Thursday, 30 August 2018

Practice what you preach

OK so I wrote a whole post on the above subject. Long and rambling with overcomplicated words, semantic anomalies and metaphors that even I couldn't even keep track of - what else is new?

Turning genuine aspects of my personality into dissertation style essays might seem simply inkeeping with the style of this blog, but upon closer inspection, it is simply a way of detaching myself. Rather than grappling with the issue head on, I'll tend to distance myself from it - whether it be in real life or on the webpage which you're currently scrolling through.

Anyway - my desperation to overlook troubling elements of my subconscious aside - the point of this post really boils down to my inability to follow my own advice.

As someone who is reasonably down-to-earth, it seems odd that whilst I'm able to give fairly coherent and sensible words of wisdom to others, I'm categorically unable to follow said advice myself. 

Of course, I realise this is something that most of us will struggle with at one time or another. The advice we give to others will more than often be from a neutral or objective standpoint, meaning that we're able to offer a fresher perspective. However, as key stakeholders in our own lives, taking on board that same wisdom in the very same way can be incredibly challenging, largely because we don't have the luxury of neutrality. We spend hours overthinking our options, whether they be mundane or lifechanging , and once we get inside our own heads the doubt which falls on the so-called 'rational' choice can become overwhelming. 

That leaves us in somewhat of a dilemma where decision making is concerned. How can we ever really practice what we preach when our (read:my) own self-doubt tells us otherwise?

As a chronic overthinker, sometimes the best thing to do is to take a step back altogether. Realise the difficulties in listening to one's own advice and seek someone else's. They'll often surprise you by raising a point you hadn't even considered, or radically change your perspective just by phrasing something a little differently. Tiny nuggets of wisdom from those around you can help to build a much clearer picture of the whole situation - especially when compared to the chaotic image in one's own mind. 

Of course, as friends will tell you, the decision is ultimately in your own hands. Guidance and advice can be shared, but the finality of the choice usually lies with the one who is making it, and I for one think that freedom is certainly something to be savoured (even if it is v.scary when thought about for too long).

Can you follow your own advice?


(photos by the wonderfully talented Sam Fisher)

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