Friday, 26 August 2016

Want to be VIP?

top - VIPme
skirt - VIPme
neckscarf - ebay
boots - Lightinthebox
bag - Primark

I was incredibly pleased when kindly asked to pick something from VIPme. The site is an Aladdin's Cave of unique designers brought together in one place to share their styles. I love scrolling through pages of unique and quirky pieces, looking at things I wouldn't see walking down the high street as well as having the benefit of not needing to leave my house.
This outfit I would wear to an art gallery excursion. A morning of cafe hopping sampling coffee and an afternoon of vintage market shopping along a the banks of the Seine.
The top is in that mesmerising chartreuse colour that is so perfect in any season and equally easy to dress up or down. The denim skirt is something I wouldn't usually opt for but I was pleasantly surprised when I unwrapped it. The dark denim means it fits effortlessly into my wardrobe and I am incredibly happy with it's versatility.

Here are a few of my other VIPme faves:

WFST shorts

Persun T shirt

Leahm Dress

WFST jeans

I also have a handy discount code that'll get you $5 off any order over $50 if you fancy a look around;
What's your favourite piece?


Monday, 15 August 2016

Sammydress me up

Sammydress is an old favourite for me. Like a comfortable stroll around your best loved store, knowing where everything is and always spoilt for choice. So naturally, when I was kindly asked to pick out some summery items, I could certainly not resist a visit.

I've worn this a lot. A lot, a lot. It's material and fit lends itself to being ideal in all temperatures, perfect for the temperamental English summers. I feel like all I need is a headscarf and a red bicycle and I'm set for a sunny afternoon on the French Rivera.

I'm so not over this pink phase. Dusky, rose or marshmallow, if it's pink, I am most certainly in favour. The sugary shade adds a nice injection of colour to my cave like closet, whilst retaining versatility to go with just about everything I own. I am most definitely thinking pink.

 Just when I thought I could not possibly need another white printed t shirt, I happened to come across this one and could not resist. Simple, monochrome and it's got a bee on it for goodness sakes, literally (especially if you're partial to a glass of pimms) the epitome of British summer.

Which one would is your favourite?


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Zafully Ready for Summer

shirt - Zaful
jeans - Zara
boots - Lightinthebox

I am a great lover of  blue and white shirts. Whether it be Ralph Lauren or Primark, I do not think you can have too many when it comes to this preppy pinstriped staple. So when I spotted one embellished with floral embroidery on Zaful, I'm pretty sure it was love at first sight. Embroidery has notably cropped up everywhere this summer and when paired with one of my favourite warm weather classics was certainly a match made in heaven.

Would you wear this shirt?


Saturday, 6 August 2016

This Party Sucks

You're Dead To Me T-Shirt

The best thing about Killer Condo's clothing is the feeling I get wearing it. I can be in a mediocre mood, the sky a nondescript shade of grey with a hundred things hanging over my head. Yet putting on one of these t shirts and it's all change. Suddenly I feel invincible; the trip to Aldi to buy that kind of bread I like does not seem as daunting. I don't have to speak to anyone because the T does all the work for me (works best if I use the self-checkout machine.) I'm all for a slogan T-Shirt, but their selection is something else.

Which one would you wear?


Thursday, 28 July 2016

All that glitters

Pink, pretty and subtly sparkly; a combination that is rarely beaten,

How perfect are these pendants that I was so kindly sent from Stacey Jewellery? These simple pendants and chains are so versatile for the summer season and can so easily be paired with a t shirt and jeans ensemble, as well as a much more dressy affair.
Delicate, gold and ideal for layering over my very monochrome outfits, these pieces so perfectly add that sought after finishing touch.

Which is your favourite necklace?


Friday, 22 July 2016


Photos by the lovely Morgan Tedd

I was recently lucky enough to be involved with a shoot alongside the wonderful Young British Designers. YBD exists to discover upcoming and developing designers of all ages and showcase their incredible talent. Honestly, the clothes I got to wear were amazing (check out that metallic bag!) and it was refreshing to step out of my usual black/grey/black wardrobe.

I highly recommend a scroll through their site, though spoiler; serious wardrobe lust guaranteed.

What's your favourite outfit?


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Oh my Gamiss!

Wait, hold up. Is that me in clothes that actually look *gasps* summery? I know, right - I'm shocked too. But these pieces I was so kindly gifted by Gamiss were too perfect to resist.

This skirt was something usually out of my comfort zone, but that raw hem was enough to sway me. It makes me feel like a cool instagram girl who has her life perfectly put together. Does anyone else have those transformative items in their wardrobe? Giving them the power to feel like a better version of themself? Maybe it's a shame that I have to rely on clothes to help me feel like this, but until I'm able to do so independently, I'm happy to hide behind a nice denim skirt.

Seriously, how beautiful are the colours on this playsuit? Florals are not usually my cup of tea, but the muted soft tones swirled within the flowery pattern are so subtly summery, even a closet goth like myself couldn't help falling in love. The material is soft and light, ideal for an evening out or (ideally) weekend away somewhere warm. Pass me another pina colada.

I feel ready to walk along the French Riviera in this floaty number, sipping something sweet beneath an oversized hat. Easy to dress down with shredded jeans and choker and then dress up with a pair of heels in the evening. Crisp and white and so pleasingly opaque, I feel more ready for a holiday than ever.

What's your holiday staple?


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