Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Shein midi skirt styled three ways

skirt - Shein
top & bag - Primark
shoes - Lightinthebox
sunglasses - ebay

top - Boohoo c/o Depop
shoes & sunglasses - ebay

shirt - vintage
shoes - Marks & Spencer
bag - Primark

Midi skirts have always been something of an enigma to me. One of those pieces that always look so amazing and elegant on other people but something I've never really been drawn to personally.

So when Shein were kind enough to send me this gorgeous faux suede one, I was excited to experiment on styling it up - and it's actually slotted into my wardrobe much more simply than expected. I'm so about those simple pieces which actually turn out to be the real star of an outfit, whether it be paired with a simple t or dressy crop top.

OK so none of these looks are really ""casual"" but the beauty of a midi skirt is that it can dress up the dullest of outfits - and let's face it, we're always in need of staples that have that power.

Which is your favourite look?


Monday, 30 July 2018

An Ootd at Salford Quays

I love exploring places that I already know.

I realise that might sound a little odd; we tend to associate new adventures with unknown far off lands and places we've only read about in books. But what if the cities and towns we know so well hold hidden gems and unseen treasures we're yet to discover?

By new discoveries, I don't just mean that quirky gift shop on the corner or the new cafe in the centre of town which only serves chocolate biscuits. I mean those which might have been right in front of our noses the whole time, but we just haven't taken the time to venture to.

Last month I travelled to Salford Quays with the lovely Livia Lazar to capture some fancy new outfit snaps. I had some new red trousers and Livia suggested the Quays could be a good setting to get some interesting shots, so naturally I was on board.

For me, Manchester is somewhere I visit regularly; it's home to my boyfriend and secondly, a place for me to spend far too much money - Alchemist, I am looking at you. However, whilst the Quays is literally 20 mins from the centre, it's just not somewhere I've ever travelled to, and I'm so pleased I did.

 I think we all have those places that we think we know like the back of our hands, but on closer inspection, have just about scratched the surface. Even if it seems odd, taking that slight detour down that side street or getting off a couple of tube stops too early could result in a new discovery that we would never have otherwise come across. And discovering is something we all need a little more of, even if it is just a perfect pair of red trousers.

Talking of new journeys, there is a *slight* possibility I could be headed to London in a couple of months. Whilst nothing is, as yet, set in stone, advice from any current residents of the capital would be very welcome - i.e. will I have to live on beans on toast?

Photos by the wonderful Livia Lazar
top - Zara
trousers - Primark
shoes - ebay
necklaces - Neck on the line
rings - H&M
earrings - vintage

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Summer Style, Spain and Shein

 top - Shein
cullottes - Primark
shoes - Lightinthebox 

 dress - Shein
trainers - Lightinthebox

jeans - Zara
shoes - Next

Jackets banished to the back of the wardrobe, sandals everyday and a lingering fear of spilling anything down a crisp white shirt; I've started to grow worryingly accustomed to the warmer climbs that the UK is currently experiencing.
It's strange to think that just a couple of months ago the garden resembled Narnia, whilst looking outside this morning it's more reminiscent of the Sahara. A drop or two of rain would certainly not hurt.

Whilst the relentless sunshine may have left Britain with little to talk about, for me it means a continual drive to accumulate more things. And yes, I pretty much relayed that message in the previous two posts but what can I say - I give in to patterned crop topped temptation far too easily.

On another summery note, I was lucky enough to venture across the ocean to Madrid last week to visit Mad Cool festival, where much cheap wine (red?) was drunk and amazing bands listened to. Whilst we didn't really get to explore too much of the city, what we did see was beautiful, with hidden treasures around what seemed like every corner - definitely one to revisit.

In the wake of England's bitter defeat - which I had actually quite enjoyed following?? - it was nice to have a weekend of Tame Impala, MGMT and Arctic Monkeys to look forward to. Even if we only had about 2 hours of sleep.

Now whilst I catch up on Love Isand, what are your summer plans?


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