Tuesday, 6 September 2011

you give me this western feeling

shirt - New Look
shorts - Zara
knee highs - Primark
ring - Primark
wedges - Tesco

Today has certainly been one of the busier ones. I've actually just had one of those surreal moments of waking up after a 2 hour sleep during the day and not quite remembering where I am. Anyway, college started back today and I think I've just about figured out what I'm doing after a lengthy chat with about 5 members of staff. The rest of the day was spent investigating the ~*~all singing all dancing~*~ new building which the school have spent a lottery winners amount of earnings on. We were given details of  a fancy new starbucks, and had images of plush leather seating, wooden panelling, maybe even a quirky staff member or two, but alas, we were greeted with a couple of tables and chairs and a single coffee machine. Ah well, at least there's nothing to distract me from my studies. All the lovely new Year 12's shall be in tomorrow, inevitably dressed in ball gowns and tiaras which shall be enjoyable to watch. Might rope a few friends in and get dressed up myself ;)


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