Thursday, 20 October 2011

the seasons have changed and so have we

dress - new look
necklace - primark
shoes - faith

After about 6 weeks, finally we are rewarded with a lovely week of freedom. This is one of my favourite holidays due to the fact it's usually spent going to parties, trick or treating, watching firework displays and dressing up. Earlier this evening, I had a mad brainwave to get all my work done before the lack of motivation kicks in. However, two hours later I wake up, English books splayed about my room, with three paragraphs done. It looks as if the work shall have to wait.. Anyway, I found this dress in the sale at new look, in the size eight section, later to find it was actually age 14-15. I squeezed into it and was most pleased with the £5 price tag. Ah, how I love sales.


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