Thursday, 15 December 2011

run with the wolves

top - Primark
cardi - eBay
shorts - Primark
belt - vintage
shoes - Faith

Well, today was my last day at sixth form and despite teachers making a concerted effort to get us into the Christmas spirit (quizzes and quality street in English, monopoly in economics) I am yet to feel completely festive. Perhaps it's the lack of snow or maybe just that we don't have a tree yet, but I'm sure it shall kick in soon.I'm off to le Francais on Sunday though of course am nowhere near ready and will undoubtedly leave packing until the last minute. Who needs organisation?

On another note, look at all these pretty clothes from 'celine'. Just some inspiration as there really is little point putting these beautiful items on a wish list..



  1. Absolutely one those Primark finds!! Cute blog xx

  2. i really like your sweater and how you paired it with the cardi and the shorts ! it looks great!!!

  3. i love your outfit :) too cute

  4. This is beautiful.


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