Thursday, 19 January 2012

favourite worst nightmare

shirt - eBay
jumper - charity shop
shorts - Primark
necklace - gift
jacket - Zara

I am guilty of having not posted in a while, I promise I'll update more often in future! I would say this is due to working more productively but it really isn't, my motivation really seems to have gone elsewhere which is a shame. Hopefully it's planning on making a return trip.
I find it odd that the weather has turned frosty once more, and I am permitted to wearing multiple layers + gloves + scarf. I also seem to have permanently adopted the first symptoms of a cold and in attempt to cure this have consumed much lemon lemsip. However, I think I have actually grown to like it as oppose to it remedy-ing my illness. Not as good as calpol though.

I was also going to do a wish list, but to be honest, I'd be better off directing you here.


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