Wednesday, 21 March 2012

electric bloom

shirt - Primark
shorts - Levi's (eBay)
bag - holiday
wedges - Tesco

Ah pastels are so pretty and so is the weather at the moment. It could almost be described as, mild. Anyway, moderate enough for me to venture out lacking a pair of gloves. Only a week and a bit until Easter, which will inevitably be revision filled, but a break from the wrath of sixth form all the same. Is it still acceptable to receive Easter eggs when you're technically an adult? Maybe this is a thread I shouldn't be pulling at...
Anyway, my wardrobe was desperately in need of something pastel, so I ventured out in search of some sorbet shaded delights. Being unable to decide what to choose in Zara and Topshop, I resorted to Primark to which I located this shirt in the sale section (and Primark sales are perhaps my favourite) for a rather reasonable £3. 

Below is some spring inspiration to hopefully do some inspiring.


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