Saturday, 31 March 2012

sugar rush

skirt - eBay
top - Primark
belt - Primark
shoes - Faith

Sugarlips was a brand I had heard good things from, but never had a chance to properly look around. However, the lovely people there have sent me this wonderful scribble scrabble shirt, and I don't think I could be more impressed. The colours and design are so versatile and lovely and the drop sleeves suit this recent warm weather so well. 
Having literally spent an obsessive amount of time on their site, I have picked out many more things which I am adding to the wishlist, some of which are below

I always used to have an odd aversion to maxi skirts, but I think the beauty of the one above has completely turned this phobia on it's head.
At least the fact it's Easter justifies the prospect of self-indulgence spending.. right?
I'll just cut down on the creme eggs instead.


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  1. That shirt is so pretty. I kind of need this.
    you look so very pretty.


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