Sunday, 29 April 2012

coastal grooves

top - Primark
skirt - eBay
shirt - eBay
wedges - Tesco

I have spent my day writing philosophy essays and watching England's version of monsoon season through my living room window.

Anyway, surely I can still dress as if it's a little warmer in the comfort of my own home?

Here are a few of my recent favourite looks from lookbook

Ellie J


Saturday, 28 April 2012

buried treasure

top - New Look
skirt - eBay
scarf - eBay
necklace - H&M
wedges - Tesco

Due to the rather awful fact I am suffering from a cold, I have spent my day mainly sleeping, touching up my English coursework and sipping honey and lemon tea as opposed to having a lovely day out with someone I'm quite fond of. Typical that illness has to kick in when I actually have plans.

Anyway, here are some pretty pictures to provide some much needed inspiration


Images c/o weheartit and pinterest


Sunday, 22 April 2012

my world had a place in it darling just for you

top - Primark
cardigan - eBay
jeans - Primark
wedges - Tesco
necklace - H&M

Work was cancelled at the last minute today so the parents offered to take me to Chester to have a wander. With the weather being lovely I agreed and enjoyed a browse of various shops and an (overpriced) iced smoothie. Also provided an excuse to wear my sunglasses which made a nice change.
Also come to the conclusion that I actually want everything from Zara.
As in literally.

Was incredibly close to purchasing this beautiful jumper but they only had a medium left which was a tiny bit too big so I shall have to hunt online.

Also was debating getting some coloured jeans in either mint or coral, so if anyone has any recommendations on where to buy some for a reasonable price and quality do let me know. 


Saturday, 21 April 2012

my body is a cage

top - Zara
skirt - eBay
wedges - Tesco

Trying to spend as much time as possible revising, even now have a flash card app on my phone (which I haven't used, but the principle itself I think is enough) in attempt to try and pass my a levels.
Spent the latter half of yesterday feeling academically inferior as we went to watch an episode of university challenge being filmed. Despite managing to get a few questions right, I can guarantee that is a programme I shall never appear on.

I spent my time listening to the people next to me conferring various answers, to which I nodded and agreed though of course not having a clue.

Anyway, here are some things which are currently distracting me from work :)



Ashley A.

Remember that pretty shirt I got gifted from the lovely sugarlips?

Type CN496EXS5 for a 50% discount off a purchase from sugarlips!

I also received the necklace I purchased from the lovely wavy jewellery which I am very pleased with.

that's all for now folks!


Wednesday, 18 April 2012

bermuda triangle

shirt - H&M
shorts - Levi's
vest - Primark
scarf - New Look
compass - Urban Outfitters
shoes - Primark

Today has been pretty work filled as Wednesday's go, considering I only had two lessons. I also have a couple of economics past papers open in another tab which I am classing as revision.
I think it may have been a tad optimistic to have worn this today but it is a rare occasion for me to go bare legged in general (especially in public!?). I genuinely don't think, bar holidays and year 2, I've not worn tights outside of the house. Perhaps because I a) don't have a tan and b) have slightly misshapen knees. Perhaps this year I can invest in some fake bake and break the viscous cycle.
Also, just finished watching an episode of 'my parents are aliens' and impressed with the fact I still am amused by it.

Some very lovely pictures c/o weheartit

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