Wednesday, 18 April 2012

bermuda triangle

shirt - H&M
shorts - Levi's
vest - Primark
scarf - New Look
compass - Urban Outfitters
shoes - Primark

Today has been pretty work filled as Wednesday's go, considering I only had two lessons. I also have a couple of economics past papers open in another tab which I am classing as revision.
I think it may have been a tad optimistic to have worn this today but it is a rare occasion for me to go bare legged in general (especially in public!?). I genuinely don't think, bar holidays and year 2, I've not worn tights outside of the house. Perhaps because I a) don't have a tan and b) have slightly misshapen knees. Perhaps this year I can invest in some fake bake and break the viscous cycle.
Also, just finished watching an episode of 'my parents are aliens' and impressed with the fact I still am amused by it.

Some very lovely pictures c/o weheartit


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