Friday, 13 April 2012

like stars burning holes right through the dark

dress - TK Maxx
necklaces - H&M

Whilst in town I ventured into TK Maxx with my mother, mainly to escape the rain, but sometimes it's nice to have a rummage. This particular TK Maxx is also quite neatly laid out and was pretty sparse in customers during our visit.
Anyway, I came across this navy dress to which I quite liked and (as it was a pleasing twenty pounds) decided to purchase. Not really sure for what purpose I shall wear it seeing as I don't think I've handed in my prom money in time for a ticket, and I don't tend to spent my weekends at formal occasions.
Ah well, I'm sure with the right accessories I could pass it off as 'casual' and suitable for sixth form. Possibly.

A little spring inspiration

In other news, thinking about doing a giveaway to celebrate the fact I'm just past the 100 follower mark.  I know this sounds like a minuscule figure, but it's still nice to know there's someone reading what you write.


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