Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I'm losing where you end and I begin

jumper - charity shop
shirt - Primark
jeans - Primark
necklace - Wavy Jewellery
wedges - Tesco

I think had I worn this today, I would have been slightly crazed. Although I do find it slightly upsetting I can no longer layer up my shirts and jumpers (which I love to do if you weren't already aware) without getting odd looks, I do quite like the warmer weather. Just not paired with exams.
Also discovered I don't actually have many clothes suited to this climate, which is unfortunate. Also becomes the issue I have with baring my skin : I don't. I honestly think people are starting to believe the sun makes me erupt into flames (or sparkle depending on which type of vampires you're into).
However, next week being a brief period of freedom, I can hopefully venture to Primark and purchase some men's t shirts to cut up which will make me feel a great deal more summery.

Anyway, I do hope everyone else is enjoying the lovely weather, preferably with a glass of something alcoholic and cold, rather than a revision guide.


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