Sunday, 6 May 2012

under your spell

shirt - eBay
top - New Look
skirt - eBay
necklace - Claire's
wedges - Tesco

Today has been spent at work, thankfully, as my disposable income is ever deteriorating and will probably all be gone by tomorrow thanks to overpriced train fares.Still, it's always nice to have plans, fingers crossed the weather shall spare us.

Also, just had a quick flick through 'the kooples' website. What a mistake that was.

It's honestly one of my favourite places for inspiration, I love all of the clean lines and simple colour schemes that manage to look so elegant. All of the pictures are just so wonderful too (if I could look like one of the models, life would be A+).

Eugh, but enough looking at pretty pictures, revision must unfortunately ensue, I do hope your weekends are spent doing something exciting!


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