Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Megan - Featured Blogger

Due to the fact I get my inspiration from everywhere and anywhere, I felt like I should feature some other lovely bloggers in order to showcase some of the hidden corners of the blogging world that definitely need to be exposed!
One of the bloggers that contacted me was the lovely Megan, a 20 year old student living in Canada and here are the looks she sees summarise her style: 

Vintage Moschino Belt - eBay
Floral Head Band - DIY
White button up - Pac Sun
Black Denim - DIY
Bracelet - Stella and Dot
Shoes - Aldo

Skirt - Motel
Boots - H&M
Button up - thrifted

Shorts - Wilfred
Top - H&M
Floral Head Band - DIY

"I gather a lot of inspiration for my outfits from fashion blogs and sites like lookbook and chictopia, but I find that my style is significantly influenced by my frame of mind. It is really difficult to define my style; eclectic is what I would use if I had to pick a word. I do the bulk of my clothing purchases online (ebay, romwe, karmaloop, asos) but if I'm looking for instant shopping gratification I first hit my local thrift store before dropping more cash at Zara, H&M or one of the many boutiques in my area. I find that my best outfits have at least one piece of vintage or did-it-myself in them."

You can find the lovely Megan on her 
blogspotlookbook or tumblr - I highly recommend a look!

If you're interested in being featured, drop me an email at tangledlimbs@live.co.uk and do leave feedback on what you think!

Also, here are some of my favourite lookbook looks of recent:

(lusting after those shoes)

That's all for now lovelies!


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