Tuesday, 26 June 2012

often it's hard to just sweet talk

shirt - H&M
vest - Zara
jeans - Primark
shoes - Primark
bag - Primark
The Great Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald c/o eBay

Due to being technically in year 14, my timetable is ridiculously sporadic e.g. only having first today and periods two and four tomorrow. However inconvenient this may be, I shall never be one to complain about free's especially when the weather is this lovely. Also, apologies for the ~tumblr-ish~ photo but I felt the colours just lent themselves to being prettily displayed.

In other news, how perfect are these items from Red Rock Fashion?
If the English weather was a bit more consistent, I'd definitely be purchasing!

Also, I know that virtually every blogger ever has mentioned/is in possession of the infamous H&M necklace

but I too have jumped on the generic bandwagon and found myself lusting after it, although it seems to be sold out everywhere and costing a little over my budget on eBay. If anyone knows of any dupes or alternative statement necklaces, do let me know!

A selection of pretty pictures to finish :)



  1. super cute look!

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :) I have that primark bag too, it's one of my favourites! I love those striped shorts and the nails look amazing too, I would love to know what the little gold studs on them are and where I could get some :) xx

  3. so beautiful picture & love the colors in your outfit


  4. I LOVE your jeans, your outfit is amazing :)

  5. Thankyou for your comment on my blog, I love your outfit on here, it's amazing :) xx


  6. I love your outfit! So glad I've come across your blog it's lovely ! - especially your background picture - what picture is it?
    Thanks for the lovely post, I'm now following you!

  7. Love your outfit- really well put together and super relaxed looking :)

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog- I really like what I see of yours so far- especially the pics at the end of the post. You've earned yourself a new follower :) xx


  8. You have fantastic style! I love how you've styled your colored skinny jeans...too cute!
    Thanks for your sweet comment! :)



  9. Amazing blog - I follow You! I really hope that You like my blog too.
    xx San ❤



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