Wednesday, 24 October 2012

back of your neck

shirt - ebay
cardigan - ebay
jeans & shoes - Primark
bag - vintage

Time out of prison sixth form so far has been rather pleasant. Unfortunately my half term doesn't overlap with my boyfriends due to my school being so backwards, so he spent the weekend here instead, bringing this rather lovely bag (being the girl who took both English subjects he found it hilariously appropriate). 

 He is ridiculously more organised than myself and having already sent off his completed UCAS, made me feel a little inadequate having not even chosen a course. This caused me to suffer a ""minor"" breakdown/breakthrough and have now decided upon a course in English and Theatre Studies, write my personal statement and complete my English homework. Good times. 

In other news, there's still a little time to enter my giveaway to win a copy of Dark Shadows on DVD, a skull bracelet and some Halloween sweets!

Some rather pretty pictures c/o Tumblr and weheartit to finish:



  1. Love the colour of your cardigan!x

  2. Good luck with your UCAS ! Im trying to sort mine out and i keep stressing about it all the time :/ Nice outfit

    Beautiful Dreams

  3. cute as always dear!:) lovely outfit! and love your hair ♥

  4. Good luck with UCAS!I love all these photos!


  5. In love with the outfit! <3 xo

  6. These pictures make me want to be in Gossip Girl haha, so sophisticated! Love your outfit too, + oh god UCAS is just pure stress, my sixth form just don't seem to want to send them off any time soon? V. annoying!
    Molly Xx

  7. Gorgeous outfit, I love the colour of your cardigan and the inspiration is great too xx

  8. Hi dear! I was wondering, what sort of search terms do you use on ebay when you look for clothes?

    1. Hi lovely, I literally tend to type in whatever I'm after in vague terms and see what that comes up with, then try and refine my search from there, it can take some hunting, but you always find a gem or two! <3


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