Monday, 29 October 2012

I will wait, I will wait for you

cardigan, bag, shoes - Primark
shirt - Jack Wills
dress - American Apparel

The weather certainly has a more bitter chill in the air and I even had to dig out my coat yesterday to brave a trip to costa. The clocks thankfully went back an hour today which apparently means mornings will be lighter although the skies are unfortunately remaining pretty grey (extra hour asleep was pleasant however).
I realise this outfit probably isn't sensible when taking the temperature into account, but I thought the colours looked pretty autumnal. Can't get enough of the knee high socks either, apologies for them being a constant feature of outfit posts.
Sixth form restarts tomorrow which I am trying to remain positive about and hastily skimming through some text books to get my mind back into some form of working order (I near enough forget how to write when I'm not at school). I am then cheerily off to London on Wednesday to see some people who managed to gain a place at university for Halloween, I am imagining myself being abandoned on the tube donning some ridiculous outfit (advanced warning as I imagine pictures will appear in a future post).

Until then, some inspiration from tumblr and weheartit:


Finally, some fabulous Halloween costumes c/o Lookbook:



  1. Great inspiration! I love your outfit, the knee high socks are so cute! I'm really hoping to get my hands on a few pairs! xx

  2. Love your outfit, so preppy + 'autumny' haha, the knee high's are cool! Also all those halloween pics make me feel as though I should make a wayyyyy bigger effort with dressing up this year...wish I had more imagination when it comes to stuff like that-the black swan is brilliant.
    Molly Xx

  3. lovely photos!!! inspiring post!

  4. Hi~
    omg! So awesome! Those costumes are excellent!


  5. A girl dressed as a house with balloons? that is all kinds of amazing. love your outfit, the cardigan looks very un-Primarky which is always a good thing. xx

  6. Lovely!!!

  7. Lovely blog.

  8. thank you :) i indeed had a very fun halloween. I loooove these inspirations... i want thin legs like that....


  9. wow these outfit photos are amazing! really like the last one

    hope you'll visit back!


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