Saturday, 12 January 2013

the darkness I became

skirt - ebay
wedges - Dorothy Perkins
everything else - Primark

Despite being over the festive period, this cardigan always reminds me of Christmas due to the little pieces of glitter running through it. Although it is a little too small, the speckled pattern appealed to me and for £5, I couldn't say no. I also have many a good word to say about Primark's current range of jewellery, although maybe not being quite as hard wearing, stops me paying about £10 at the likes of Topshop. 

So apparently we're forecasted snow for the next couple of weeks and the small child inside of me celebrates. However, I may not be feeling quite so ecstatic when I am caught in the middle of slush storm courtesy of other small children. 

The cold weather also forces me to more frequently stay indoors which should mean spending less money.. but despite not drinking my savings away, I spend my evenings on ebay. I was lucky enough to buy two 'orphans arms' tshirts a few days ago which I shall photograph asap:)
Oasap have been kind enough to provide me with a discount code 0132456454 for my lovely readers of 20% off, here are some of my current favourites:

I've also recently stumbled upon some big cartels selling 'arm candy' sets, and I can't help wishing my wrists looked this pretty.

All Above - Arm Candy By A

All Above - Love Bug Jwlz

All Above - Verceli Couture

Now for more pretty pictures from tumblr/weheartit



  1. I love that dress with the low back its so stunning!

  2. I love love love that galaxy shirt! xx

  3. I adore that cosmic shirt - the print is amazing!! ^.^

  4. the galaxy blouse is gorgeous! It definitely my favorite one :)

  5. I love your outfit :) it woud have been rude not to buy that cardi when it was such a bargain!
    Love your blog by the way :)
    Kaz x

  6. you're cardi is so cute! (i'm still wearing my Christmas jumper, can't we make it last all year round, please?)

    the orphans arms have some amazing jumpers.

    lovely blog!


  7. Absolutely love that last outfit! You look lovely as well! :) xx Laura

  8. This is the first website I come to for fashion inspiration, I actually love all of it!

    Danie B

  9. So many beautiful pictures here, love them! I'm excited for snow as long as it's enough to get me out of driving to uni! ;) xo

  10. Your cardi's lovely, what a bargain! Love that totem jumper you picked out xxx

  11. Love the cardi!!
    And the inspiration items are gorge!
    Especially the embellished dress
    S xx

  12. you look very pretty,my dear ;)
    and oooooooooh! that galaxy blouse! Give it to MEEEEE!!

  13. Omg, your legs are a mile long! Love the outfit!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life


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