Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Get lucky




top - Warehouse
shorts - Primark
shoes - Dorothy Perkins
hat - Disneyland
rings - Asos

I just keep re painting my nails in this minimal shade that tends to look summery and fresh, this one was part of a french manicure set.

always relevant.

Birthdays in our house just seem to mean large quantities of food in whichever form that may take, much to my delight. I have spent the morning mainly covered in flour whilst making mini-egg cakes for my brother which I hope he appreciates!
This post exam freedom has done wonders for my sleeping patterns but has not been quite so beneficial to my paypal account. I shall be genuinely concerned to open my bank statement when it's posted through the door.
However, if your finances are looking in  slightly better condition, I recommend a look at Tobi.

Most of the items are so simple, pretty and reasonably priced, an A+ combination!
Also, ideal holiday wear, which I seriously cannot wait for, I really can't keep up with the British weather.

(Plus, foreign places give me ample opportunity to wear this hat as I doubt it would be fully appreciated wandering around an English town(n)




  1. I want all these outfits!! Love your blog!! X


  2. your blog is magical, my dear! I looove the outfits posts and the inspiration pics. just wonderful :)

  3. love the silver jewellery <3 very pretty!


  4. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    You look beautiful I love your rings :)
    Arr looking at tobi was a bad idea when my bank is in the sane condition as yours this month- I just can't stop spending!

  5. so many great things in just one post!! those shorts on the pictures, love them all!

  6. love your nails and those rings are gorgeous! seriously can't wait for holidays either, my paypal balance is definitely going to suffer this summer
    sara x

  7. This outfit is perfect for summer! I love how basics can be so stylish! ^^ and your nails look amazing *-*

    Fashionably Sparkly

  8. Hello Georgia,
    I'm taking the freedom of leaving you a comment because I'm currently working on a fashion-related dissertation for my MSc. I'm doing a survey about the perception of young women towards today's fashion luxury brands, and if you, or any of your lovely reader, could take 5 mins and complete it, it would be of much much help :)
    Here the link of my survey: https://fr.surveymonkey.com/s/2WNTNCY
    Thank you very much!

    Lou ♥
    Ps: The first outfit of the post is amazingly cute ♥


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