Thursday, 29 August 2013

Why'd you only call me when you're high?

top - H&M
skirt - Primark
hat - New Look
(My brother making me feel horizontally challenged whilst in France)

I've basically decided I would be quite happy living on baguettes and white wine for the rest of my life, so departing from the land of such luxuries was difficult. Possibly even more so paired with the grim prospect of returning to English reality. Anyway, France (and especially Disneyland!) provided a nice escape for a week or two (more pictures in the next post:)

One of the few perks of the return journey was however the duty free shop aboard the ferry which I tend to spend the majority of the channel crossing in. Is it really odd to sometimes prefer men's fragrance to womens? I went a tad *spritz happy* and filled my pockets with samples a-plenty. 
Some of my favourites were Paco Rabanne 1 Million, Calvin Klein CK One and Duel Cologne for men by Annick Goutal. I informed the confused sales assistant it was of course a present for my boyfriend. Of course.

I'm currently in two minds about university as other things and courses are drawing me in and being the most indecisive person imaginable does not help things in the slightest. Despite the lack of certainty in this area, my ~uni wardrobe~ has seem to have taken priority, unsurprisingly, and amidst trying to redo student finance/accommodation/general educational future, I am of course pondering potential outfits. Trying to stick to the minimal and basic theme as much as possible, but that will inevitably be short lived.

Apologies for the incredibly ~me me me~ post, fingers crossed everyone else's university plans are going more smoothly than my own :')

Some weheartit inspo to finish

Also nearly bought this from Disney, but never got round to it.. 
Going to have to dip into the uni fund before I buy the hoodie as well..



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