Sunday, 20 October 2013

help me lose my mind




01 - A top I picked up in Primark a couple of weeks ago, I think it was in the Halloween section but the print was far too pretty to resist.

02 - I really wanted a simple and comfy jumper so bought this off of ebay reasonably cheaply, available in numerous shades, so I am tempted to purchase another.

03 - I somehow managed to leave all of my smaller necklaces back home, so picked up this key pendant from Forever 21. 

Despite it being a lot different to A Levels, university life is something I am currently enjoying. Although I have a criminal law essay which has been sprung on me in the last five minutes, I may change my opinion shortly.

Although a reasonable chunk of my student loan goes towards rent, the remainder is currently burning a hole in my pocket, which is not helped by the tempting array of shops suddenly on my doorstep. I am currently being ""good"" and in the last week have only shopped in Aldi and Tesco though I have to last until December..


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