Monday, 23 June 2014

hold on we're going home

top - Killer Condo
shorts - Levi's
hat - Missguided
boots - ebay

From no crop tops to two in the space of two consecutive posts.. 
I was sent this fabulous one by the wonderful Killer Condo, the company who have successfully converted me to slogan wearing. We may be on the brink of summer but I remain in favour of the most minimal (if any) colour palette possible.

On another note, it would be fab if you fancied following my blogging/ootd related instagram account (@wardrobefullofclothes) which I have only just started, you're guaranteed a follow back :)

I also saw TFiOS over the weekend which I thoroughly enjoyed and was pleased at it's likeness to the book. In my opinion the casting was done so well, Ansel made for the perfect Augustus and Shailene was equally wonderful. It's ridiculous how certain events over the weekend have made me re-evaluate my perspective on certain things..

Anyway, back to the light-heartedness of tumblr inspiration..

(Also if you needed reason to see TFiOS..)




  1. Such an awesome outfit! I like the shorts and hat!

  2. I love that top! And you style is so well with your accessories! xx

  3. Ooo he looks yummy I really want to see the film! Love the outfit as well, the top is great!


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