Sunday, 9 November 2014

your heart is unobtainable

top - Zara
jacket - StyleMoi
jeans - Blue Spice
shoes - The Rainbow Club
hat - Missguided
bag - New Look

Spent this week wondering whether tucking my hair into my coat purely to block the humidity still counts as a 'faux bob'.
I guess noone ever has to know..

Have to express my fondness of this jacket I was kindly sent by StyleMoi. I was skeptical at first as  it had been crumpled on it's journey, but after a couple of days had sprung back to shape much to my delight. Major props to the lovely customer service team too. One can never have too many leather-esque jackets right?

Get this look for $40+ on Lookastic: Black Embroidered Leather Jacket, Black Hat, Grey Jeans, and Black Satin Heeled Sandals



  1. Love the jacket and how you've topped off the outfit with the hat!

    B xx

  2. Your shots are awesome :) I think you must try also for sharing your photos and promoting your blog :)

  3. Those jeans look amazing on you -- and I love the hat and jacket. Definitely effortlessly cool.
    x, S
    I'd love any feedback on my blog if you have time, just started it today

  4. love how you layered your outfit! beautiful top too! :)

    Metallic Paws

  5. Such a rad look Georgia! You seriously know how to rock leather jackets and the dopest of the dope hats (did I really just say that), I'm crushing on this one to the max. And definitely, winter weather is always a good excuse for a faux bob IMO ;)

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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