Saturday, 28 February 2015

The name's Bond, Ms Bond..

007 fragrance*

It's not something I mention on here often, but I am a fan of all things fragrance related. I could spend hours in the yankee candle shop, Jo Malone or examining the perfume counters of Selfridge's. There's something about those chandelier-d ceilings and decadent gold cases that take me back to being 12 years old and being amazed by the opulence of a department store. 

The 007 perfume seems to capture this glamour in fragrance form within a pretty black bottle. If you're looking for a new signature scent, I would definitely recommend checking this one out..
It's scent is almost smoky, with blackberry, vanilla and cedarwood; with each spritz I am envisioning myself as the lead girl alongside Mr Connery (see images below).

So naturally I obviously now want to overline my eyes and wear the darkest red lipstick I can find so I can look as fierce as I'm feeling. Who needs a Mr Bond when Ms would get the job done in half the time? Don't need to bother with revolvers when you've got stilettos anyway..

*Recently, I was lucky enough to get involved with Trnd - where you can try out new products, feed back honest opinions and share with others. As always, any opinions I give on here will be mine - I will only choose to share things with you that I actually like! :') 



  1. the bra is gorgeous!

    also, ive nominated you for the liebster award (if you want to do it!) x

  2. Where did you get that bra!? It's so beautiful!



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