Friday, 11 September 2015

midsummer nights dream

Despite most of my wardrobe being monochrome, a simple white co ord is something it previously lacked. Cue Luxemme.
This ensemble is so simple and clean lined, yet with a hint of something edgier thanks to the lace cut out detailing. So easy to throw on and instantly feel elegant, maybe too much for my late evening tesco trips?
My only sadness lies in the fact I didn't have it to hand for the wedding I attended early this year, though I think it would be equally appropriate for an evening out. So long as you don't have strangers spilling tequila sunrises all over you.

Where would you wear it?




  1. Wooooowww these photos! Stunning babe, really, love this style of pictures a lot. The dress is spectecular, love the cut-out-with-lace parts a lot. I wouldn't wear it for a wedding, as here in Belgium it's considered rude to wear white for a wedding, but for a summer rooftop drink or Sunday brunch this would be perfect in my eyes :D
    XO IMKE | Pastellics

  2. Beautiful photos, the head crown is beautiful! <3

  3. I love these photos, especially the first few ones with the crown! I haven't seen Midsummer Night's Dream, but did see snippets of it in Dead Poets Society, and it looks exactly like I would imagine Puck's!

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin'

  4. You're so gorgeous! This outfit is amazing too xxx

    anna | ohsnapanna

  5. Never too much! Life is a party so of course you have to dress like it including an evening trip to Tesco! ;) Damn you are so beautiful, elegant and such a stunner! I really love the detail in this! Oh and the hearts in that seat :O <3 <3

  6. Beautiful photos! Your look is so elegant!

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  8. I know there's a 100% chance that Shakespeare would, if he could, emerge from the depths of tudor times to coin phrases unbeknownst to him such as; "Bae", "on fire", "smokin' hawt" and "beauty goals for lyfe" if he saw this stunning photoshoot Georgia! Seriously, what a gorgeous, ethereal shoot with such magical, mesmeric vibes. The perfect predicament to inject style into any Shakespearian play <3

    White looks so divine on you, crushing badly on this outstanding two piece; a real unique, quirky, cute find. In LOVE with your pretty crown, so perfect and shattering hearts everywhere that the summer is drawing to a close. Definitely not too much for a late Tesco trip, you can show all the other trend terrors out there who's really boss ;)

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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