Thursday, 9 March 2017

I know the sound of your heart

jumper - Primark
skirt - Stylewe
shoes - Primark
bag - Gamiss

A simple ootd with some old favourites and new ones. 
Although going bare legged is probably not the best idea at the moment, this is the outfit I would very much like to wear. I am so guilty of putting together hypothetical looks for my hypothetical life; this one would be casual brunch on a sunny day in NYC.
Please reassure me that you also do that from time to time..

I saw this jumper on the lovely Olivia  and was instantly infatuated. 
From the neckline to the soft grey tone, I knew I had to find it. And I did - on Depop. However, I was so keen to get it, I ended up purchasing it twice. You know when you're awoken by a buzz on your phone and, half asleep, you end up clicking 'buy' like the consumerist zombie you almost definitely are? 

Anyway, now it's up for sale on my Depop, which you should definitely visit - mainly so I can buy more things I certainly don't need.

Have you used Depop?

P.s. Is the faux bob still a thing?




  1. It is a thing if you make it a thing. Since when did we have to listen to old european men in the fashion industry on what to wear and when to wear it? I say were what makes you feel pretty. Also, I can see why you purchased that sweater twice-- its amazing and goes so well with your skin tone. It's so funny-- I was always jealous of people with cool toned skins, when their pale white skin contrasted so well with their dark straight hair. And yes, that looks like an amazing outfit for a sunny brunch day in NYC. If you actually want ideas on where to go, my latest post is actually a guide to union square in nyc, lol. Don't worry, I also make up outfits in my head for imaginary events. All the time actually, haha

  2. Such a great monochrome look !
    Instagram @grace_njio

  3. Don't worry, I also put together looks for my hypothetical life haha! I love this outfit, especially your bag and shoes! xx


  4. Now you definitely know what to wear on such a day! I love your look - perfect!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. Wow, I love the look of your outfit, you wouldn't guess that jumper was from Primark either!

    Kristy |

  6. I'm obsessed with whole outfit. It looks great and the grey jumper is definitely the focal point of the style, simple yet very chic.

    Tajinder |

  7. Loved this outfit so much! You look so flawless! The bag is so pretty <33

  8. You look so cute and lovely...I like your style,so femenine...and that jumper is comfy,warm and trendy!!!Kisses

  9. I love your outfits, especially the red leather jacket you have worn in the first photo.

    Kristy |


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