Monday, 28 May 2018

Don't look back

I have a tendency to overanalyse.

From picking apart old messages to reflecting on the conversation I had with the lady at the train station, every interaction seems to swill around in my mind until my stop's been announced. Let's hope there's no delays.

I used to think that growing up was synonymous with not caring, or at least, caring about things less. Without exams, cliques and msn messenger, what would there be to worry about? Quite a lot as it turns out.

Now I'm not talking house prices or the declining state of the economy - now that's a post in itself - I'm talking about those worries that you never would have even considered. The things like navigating commitment, how to sign off a light hearted email or 'what kind of coffee won't make me look like I'm trying too hard'. 

Small, simple things that on a laptop screen seem trivial, but in real life seem pretty important. And that's something with which we're all fairly familiar with.

Whilst right now these things seem overwhelming, at some stage - whether it's in a week or seven months - they're bound to diminish. Like the time you got locked in the PE cupboard or left your food tech ingredients at home, those supposedly significant worries become chapters and anecdotes that are almost nice to look back on.

Especially when you realise seven years without PE has probably improved your general wellbeing. 

Do you think looking back can be a good thing?


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jeans - H&M



  1. Haha not having to do PE is something to cherish! I do agree with you though, as you get older the stuff to worry about is still there, but the context is slightly different, like cliques are now the work environment etc. I think looking back can be a good thing to see how far you've come, but it's all too easy to get suckered in and you need to break that cycle every now and again (it's easier said than done though) x

    Velvet Blush

  2. Looking back is a good thing. Helps you know how far you've come as a person and access certain areas in your life. Worrying is forever girl, but sometimes I think its an individual thing too.

  3. I'm such an overthinking and overanalyser too and it's a really tricky habit to break out of, but I'm trying my best. Loveee these photos of you too - gorgeous outfit and you look absolutely beautiful!

    Heather xoxo

  4. This post is accurate AF gorgeous Georgia - such a "hell yes I feel that way too" vibe that so many of us go through daily and struggle with constantly. Overthinking is the worst enemy, such a thief of joy for sure and something I can totally relate to battling with too. I remember when I worked in an office and I'd always be paranoid that maybe I'd looked at someone the wrong way, and I feel guilty and overthink things such as not asking my regular barista how he was when he'd enquired if I'd had a good day. Things such as "Have I replied to messages with the right amount of enthusiasm?", "Is that person avoiding me because they aren't replying to my messages", "Did I say the wrong thing?" Always crop up in my mind and I'm forever attempting to bat them away. You are so right - there is definitely an innocent naivety to the problems we used to have when we were younger that seem nice to look back on, I remember the fear of forgetting my food tech ingredients oh so well ;)

    I think looking back can be a good thing, even though I'm guilty of living too much "in the past" and viewing it through rose-tinted glasses which I know isn't wise. Thank you as always for such a meaningful, thought-provoking post full of sentiment :)

    Looking absolutely babelicious in these stunning photos, such a divine dream in that strappy bodysuit and dreamy denim. And those SHADES! All the star-eyes. Looking as always, absolutely on fire and a total stunning siren! <3 <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  5. We have to look to the present and the future but it is normal to think about what happended before and it is so important because we can learn looking back.
    You can't be more gorgeous in this post.


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