Friday, 5 August 2011

nails on the news

During the many hours I've spent trawling the internet, I keep stumbling upon pictures like this. I never do anything interesting with my nails so I thought I'd do some googling and find a tutorial. Basically, you need nail polish remover (to get rid of existing nail polish), a newspaper, some nail polish (pastel or white shades work best) and some rubbing alcohol. Handy blue peter style photography below.
You'll notice a bottle of Tequila in place of surgical spirit, which conveniently for a family of alcoholics like ourselves, works just as well.
After painting your nails a pale colour and they have dried, you need to dip your nail into the surgical spirit. 
You then press a strip of the newspaper against your nail for about 30-40 seconds being careful not to move it. Then gently peel away the paper and voila.
There's plenty of better photos dotted around the internet, but this is my poor attempt.


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