Sunday, 23 October 2011

galaxy nails

Basically, I've seen hundreds of images of 'galaxy' nails dotted around the web and due to the fact I rarely do anything with my nails, I thought I'd give it a go.
There's loads of different ways you can do it, so I merged a few together to create the ones in the picture you see above of my hand.
The colours you're going to need are:
metallic/dark blue
metallic purple
metallic pink/cream
You will also need a cocktail stick, or a nail art pen for the star detailing as well as a sponge. I also use a clear base coat to stop my nails from staining, as well as  coat to use to go over the top.
Firstly, paint your nails with the base coat, if you're using it, then with the black. Once that has dried, dip your sponge in the dark/metallic blue. Sponge a corner or small section of your nail with the blue and you should get a nice gradient effect. Over the top of this, sponge the purple, put make sure you let some of the blue come through. Repeat with the pink/cream and then, a little of the white. After this, dip your cocktail stick or use your nail art pen to create small circles on your nail. After you've done all of your nails, which might take a while, go over with a clear top coat and voila!



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