Friday, 30 March 2012

a falling star fell from your heart

shorts - Levi's
boots - eBay
necklace - Topshop

Ah final days of term are always blissful and lacking in true purpose. Managed to continue a game of cheat for just over two hours, at which point we finally accepted noone would ever win. Unfortunately, none of my teachers however saw Easter as an important enough holiday to bring in sweets/watch films and apparently they wouldn't 'benefit our learning in the slightest'. I'm sure a hot cross bun or two could have numbed the pain of an economics test, but there we are.
On another note, I found this wonderful website whilst reading this lovely girl's blog and was incredibly pleased to have done so. I could literally buy half the entire website, what with the t shirts being under £14, it's difficult to go wrong. I finally decided on this cosmic spot t shirt.
With the price being so reasonable, I really didn't expect the quality to be quite so good, they apparently use a method called flock printing, so it doesn't peel or flake. I highly recommend!


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  1. you are amazing! the top is really awesome:)
    i am a new follower of your blog, please check out mine dear:))


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