Tuesday, 27 March 2012

oracular spectacular

shirt - New Look
jumper - Primark
jeans - Primark
shoes - eBay
necklace - Topshop

I feel like I'm being slightly repetitive in saying that I can't quite believe the weather. I've gone from putting on gloves to suncream in a week. I never know what to wear at times like this, with half of sixth form still in jumpers and the other in shorts and sandals. Despite enjoying the sun whilst in a foreign country, dare I say I much prefer winter dressing, with boots and jumpers and tights.. I feel like in order to fit in during summer, I need to fake tan. Which I'm not a natural at. Ah well, whilst everyone else is flashing their sunglasses, I'll be in ski goggles. Bring on December.

I also recommend a look around regal rose, they have some of the prettiest jewellery


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