Saturday, 28 July 2012

summertime sadness

top - Primark
jeans - Primark
necklace - H&M
shoes - Dorothy Perkins
bag - vintage

I must apologise for having not posted in a while, I have been crazily busy surprisingly enough! We've actually had the pleasure of an Italian student staying with us to improve her English, whom we actually know through my dad doing an exchange with their family when he was about 18. So naturally, we've taken her to different places, attempting to show her England in it's best light. This week I've also been lucky enough to do some extra work on a film that's been actually being filmed in the local area which has been brilliant. Thankfully, the weather has been kind to us and I even have sunburn, ridiculously enough.

Anyway, here are some pretty things :)

The Pennysylvania collection at Topshop is beautiful

Also, I highly recommend a listen to this little band I stumbled upon at Latitude.



  1. love your outfit! beautiful pictures!

  2. love this, dear!

  3. Love the blue top and jeans being broken up by your belt- works really well :) xx

  4. Such cute outfit! I'm loving your necklace<3

    xoxo Eeva

  5. The jeans look amazing on you, and I immediately loved the post because that's my fav Lana song on the album!


  6. loving your outfit, that necklace is awesome

    - ordaining serendipity


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