Thursday, 29 November 2012

I belong with you, you belong with me

top, shorts and bag - Primark
scarf - christmas fair
shoes - Asda

Currently watching a classic episode of 'come dine with me' whilst sipping a lemsip in a desperate attempt to rid my body of cold. I despise being ill, and have probably slightly over done the vitamin c intake as a result.. it's certainly a good thing I like oranges.
I had a little scout round the charity shops yesterday and saw a few potential purchases which I highly regret picking up, so I may have to pop back in tomorrow (fingers crossed noone else has pinched them!)

The fact it's December on Saturday (where the hell has 2012 gone?) has certainly increased my festive spirit and have spent some of my day hunting for potential presents. If anyone has any sites they could recommend I would highly appreciate it!

Some of my favourite blogs of the moment for inspiration:

Anyway, some inspo that may very well be making it's way on to my own little wishlist:


Friday, 23 November 2012

I've got holes in my new jeans for you

shirt and jumper - Jack Wills
jeans and bag - Primark
shoes - ebay

Ah, lovely Friday is lovely. Currently basking in the glory of being home alone having just had one lesson. Also am later going to watch Breaking Dawn as part of the Friday evening cinema traidition which I'm sure will be interesting. As much I am aware of the mixed opinions Twilight sparks, having read the books and thinking they were, ahem, not too terrible, I quite like the seeing how they adapt it to fit on the big screen. Also Robert Pattinson.
My UCAS was finally completed and sent off (I know), although the prospect of everlasting debt is looming, a couple of acceptance emails would be lovely. How is everyone else's uni preparations going?

It's also apparently Black Friday today, and having just checked out the Oasap site, they have caught on to this. Here are a few of my sale favourites:

I think this sale only lasts for a couple more days, so if you fancy a look, do so asap!
Some more pretty things c/o tumblr and weheartit:


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The devil wears chanel

Shirt - Zara
                                                                     Jeans - Primark
Wedges - Tesco
Bag - vintage

Ah Wednesday, where you're too far out to see the weekend in either direction. On the plus side, I only had one lesson today and am off tomorrow as it's ""enrichment"" day.. the cinema classes as a cullturally enriching experience, right?

Also, look, I'm actually wearing weather appropriate clothing! Mainly because the lovely people over at KILLER CONDO were kind enough to send me this gorgeous sweater (which I am currently wearing to death and have had many a stranger ask me where I purchased it).  Usually sticking to jumpers, the soft sweater material makes a glorious change and the colour has a wonderful knack of going with my vast spectrum of coloured jeans/skirts.
They also have a rather lovely t-shirt version of this which I am tempted by as well as loads of other quirky tees/sweaters so I highly reccommend a look!

To round things up, the usual dose of inspiration c/o Tumblr and weheartit:

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