Saturday, 14 September 2013

I was too busy falling for you

top - H&M
jeans - Primark
wedges - Tesco
hat - Reiss
necklace - Topshop

Currently life is consisting of "getting ready for uni" which has largely involved working out what I'm going to take, trying to sort out my student finance and streaming american sitcoms. 

I bought this hat yesterday in TK Maxx reduced from £55 to £17.. but it was bought on a bit of a whim and am probably going to return it as I hadn't realised quite how wide the brim was:( I have instead however, dug out a dusty fedora formerly belonging to my dad which I can hide behind instead.

I also went to see 'About Time' on Thursday with my mum. It's directed by Richard Curtis who directed 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' (which is one of my all time favourites) so expectations were high and it certainly did not disappoint. It sort of made me feel nostalgic and sad and happy at the same time, all in all, I 100% recommend a watch:)

What with the quality of my phone camera having drastically deteriorated, I decided to take a disposable camera with me on holiday this year, mainly to get some snaps of Disney.. which although my mum described them as 'not worth the £6' paid to get them developed, they seem to capture the mood of the holiday quite well:

Now for some slightly better quality pictures, I can always rely on weheartit to provide ample amounts of inspiration:




  1. Great inspirational photos! Love your look, that hat is amazing!

  2. I love all of those pictures from disney! Makes me miss that place :)

    Tiny darling

  3. your shirt is divine- love the back of it! I just went to Disneyland recently too- love that magical place :)


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