Wednesday, 27 August 2014

hooked on a feeling

Forgive my lack of blogging, but I have been gallavanting across the channel to drink far too much wine and eat far too many pastries/cheeses/baguettes.. (can you really ever eat too many baguettes?)
Anyway, holiday related/picture heavy post is on it's way, but I had to post about the parcel on my doorstep when I returned home.

The Rainbow Club create gorgeous handmade ivory shoes, namely aimed at blushing brides rather than impoverished bloggers. However, they also offer a bespoke service which means you get these beauties dyed in just about any colour to match a dress, piece of jewellery or whatever takes your fancy. I am not about to make my way down any aisle (aside from Sainsburys) but was of course on board to choose a pair to test out when I was very kindly asked to do so.

I opted for the style 'Georgie Girl' because of the delicate lace detailing and, shock horror, in a timeless black shade which will conveniently match just about everything I own.
Firstly, how pretty?!
The shoes came wrapped so neatly in this beautiful cherub decorated packaging and I was hesitant in trying them on as they looked so content in the box. 
Once I did however, I was once again impressed by the detail, quality and comfort. I am contemplating how nice a spectrum of heels would look in my wardrobe.
I think my trusty wedges may have to take a back seat for a while.

top - ebay
jeans - Primark
kimono - H&M
shoes - c/o The Rainbow Club
hat - Missguided
choker - bwills on depop
necklace - ebay




  1. That kimono is so beautiful, I defo need to check out H&M for it! Also, love the jewellery

  2. such a lovely look! Loving the kimono :)

  3. Good choice on the shoes, they look great with the skinny jeans. And no, you can never have too much baguette ;) Great post.


  4. Your shoes are amazinggg, I didn't think they were my style but I really like how you wore them - your outfit is perfect, love your hat!

    onacruz blog

  5. These shoes are fabulous! The kimono of course stunning , no words!

  6. I love these. The lace details are gorgeous!

    Joana x

  7. I love your outfit! Hope you had an amazing holiday x

  8. those shoes! I have to admit I'm jealous xx

  9. Oh Gosh, they're just so intricate and utterly gorgeous :) Can't argue with black either, classic x

  10. Those shoes!! So pretty! I love the detail. They will be timeless!

    Emma x

  11. Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous! I've been on the lookout for an amazing pair of pumps and these just might be it...I'm deinitely going to look into them.
    Just followed you on GFC and Instagram! I look forward to seeing more posts


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