Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Little Black Wardrobe Staple - Three Ways

dress - Primark
blazer - H&M
necklace - H&M
hat - Missguided
shoes - Dorothy Perkins
clutch - Primark

kimono - H&M
necklace - Primark
bag - Zara

shirt - Uniqlo
shoes - George
bag - Primark

I picked up this dress at the beginning of the summer with plans of wearing it to death.. Alas, I only rediscovered it a couple of days ago at the bottom of a uni bag with the tags intact. 
Its versatility however was something I had certainly underrated. 
Versatility is one of my all time favourite features of clothes, the ones that you can wear to a lecture and then pair with heels and saunter out for drinks without a total image reinvention.

Enter the little black dress, which I will not be overlooking in future.

Here are some of my favourites from Style Moi to hopefully get your fashionable juices flowing..

The ultimate wardrobe staple?




  1. black is the color of the moment cant get enough of it! lovely outfits and post:)

  2. Awesome dress, reminds me of seeing the older kids going out to clubs when I was a little one back in the 90s!
    Fab hat, too!

  3. i need your hair and your legs!!!! :O

  4. Love these looks!
    All very pretty, love how you've styled :)

  5. Gotta love a classic LBD! This one looks great on you! Love when I find a piece of clothing I forgot about in my closet ;)


  6. Cute dress !!!
    I love these looks and my favourite is the first because you´re amazing with this outfit.

  7. The 3rd Style Moi dress is my favorite. And your outfits are always so stunning, love how you styled the dress from classy/cool to casual.

    onacruz blog

  8. Great ways to style a simple dress! X

  9. love black dresses so much!!xx

  10. Lovely dress, I love the different ways you've styled it :) versatility is important for me too!

    Louise /

  11. Oh most definitely! The ultimate for sure, the unbeatable LBD ;)
    Really loving all three enchanting looks, you've switched them all up in such a versatile way, I'm particularly crushing on your second look <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  12. Loved ti :)
    All so easy and so different. A black dress really makes all the difference and is good for any occasion!!



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