Tuesday, 9 June 2015

I like shiny things

As well as being a major inspiration giver, instagram can often be a major lust risk. Lust in the form of outfits, hair, makeup, travel destinations and jewellery..

Jewellery in the form of Dylan Lex. Honestly I could scroll through that feed for days and still need to see more of it.

I just think it looks so badass. Like I could whip it off and use it as a weapon at any given moment. Unfortunately, given my ~impoverished student~ status, the price tag was sadly somewhat out of my league..

I was however determined to find something that had a similar vibe, so I could at least channel some sort of Dylan Lex inspired look.

top - WS Buying
jacket - Forever 21
jeans - She Inside
shoes - Primark
hat - Missguided
necklace - Aliexpress

Okay, I know I'm not quite meeting the Dylan Lex standards, but how pretty is this necklace? I feel like it could dress up a hospital gown.
I've also found some similar pretty pieces here and here, so if you're interested in statement jewellery, take a look :)

Not quite sure where I'm actually going to wear this ensemble just yet, just need to find a boy who owns a motorbike and/or is in a heavy rock band and plays lead guitar and I'll fit right in...

Would you wear a Dylan Lex piece?




  1. Love it! Looks soo cool!
    Want it too!!

    xoxo, Colli

  2. Ugh, the Dylan Lex pieces are STUNNING. I've been wanting something from him for ages! I think you did a wonderful job of imitating it, though; yours is still statement and still gorgeous, and heck yes the necklace can dress up anything!

    May x • THE MAYDENbloglovin'

  3. What a great piece!! So in love with it. U look awesome.

  4. Nice look! the jewelry really brings out uniqueness, thanks for your lovely comment btw xx

  5. That's stunning!


  6. Hello,

    So amazing ! :D

    Sarah, http://sarahmodeee.blogspot.fr/

  7. It looks amazing! A great way to dress up a plain tee :) Love it xx

    Lauren | shynature.blogspot.co.uk

  8. I love these types of necklaces, but they're always so expensive! Great find! xo

    Sarah Louise Porter Blog

  9. Love that necklace, so cute!


  10. You look SO chic in that statement necklace!!! Love how you let it shine with such a basic outfit :)

    be the plebeian

  11. Absolutely Love this post you look beautiful and these necklaces are truly to die FOR!
    New POST

  12. Wow, that's some amazing jewelry! The necklace from aliexpress looks really good on you!

    xx Izzy | Qthee


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