Sunday, 9 October 2016

Sundaze with Livia Lazar

Photos by the lovely Livia Lazar
top - Gearbest
trousers & bag - Primark
coat - H&M
boots - Lightinthebox

Spent a day a couple of weeks ago exploring Manchester with a wonderful photographer and these are a few of my favourite shots. Looking to expand the fashion side of her portfolio, Livia treated me to a day of coffee shops and museums whilst snapping the occasional photo of my limited modelling skills. 
(Also got some very professional ootds which is always nice!)

Hoping everyone is well - cannot believe it's October!? I am currently in a state of denial whilst carving a pumpkin and painting Bette Midler onto my nails.



  1. Gorgeous photos! I think you made for a fabulous model, well done. Lovely outfit too, as if the trousers are Primark - I think they look much more expensive! x

    Josie | Sick Chick Chic

  2. Great selection of photographs :)
    You work the trousers so well! I love the style but no way could I pull them off.

    Lucy x

  3. Love the coat, such a pretty outfit!

  4. Love your outfit! Great photos, dear!

  5. wow such amazing photos! I can't believe those trousers are from Primark - they look so expensive x


  6. great!

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  7. I agree, it's weird to think it's already mid October. I feel like it was just a short while ago when I was slathering on sunscreen and wearing sandals. Love these photos!! Livia is definitely talented. I love your coat! I've been wanting one in a similar style for a while!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  8. Wow these photos are stunning! I love the different array of backgrounds and lighting. You look really gorgeous and your outfit is super chic!

    I know, the time moves so fast! It'll be time for Christmas before we know it!


  9. These photos are truly spectacular. She is super talented.



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